Unified Endpoint Management

Protect and manage your computing resources

What is Unified Endpoint Management

Unified endpoint management (UEM) is an approach to securing and controlling desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets in a connected, cohesive manner from a single console. Unified endpoint management typically relies on the mobile device management (MDM) application program interfaces (APIs) in desktop and mobile operating systems.

UEM Subdues Complexity of Endpoints

According to Ivanti, EMA learned that the average business professional typically uses at least two computing devices such as laptops, tablets, desktops, or smartphones to complete their job responsibilities. And about half of all workers reportedly use both a PC and a mobile device during a regular day at the office. This means that an organization has to support at least four different operating environments, can be difficult to manage.

Why use Unified Endpoint Management

If you’re an IT manager at a large company, it should come as no surprise to learn that 90% of IT managers surveyed by 451 Research reported using eight or more solutions to secure endpoint data. Fragmented endpoint management is risky and inefficient, and it’s more expensive than having a single platform for the device, app, and IoT endpoint management.

UEM Makes IT Security Tighter

Security is vital for businesses and IT managers alike, and it was labeled as the most difficult and costly practice in the EMA report. UEM can help with security as most platforms feature fully integrated support for security assurance.

The Center for Internet Security (CIS) says it’s vital to have the top five of its recommended controls in order to reduce the risk of cyberattacks by 85 percent.

UEM Leads to Better Business Decisions

An innovative UEM solution can provide valuable insights regarding your endpoints, which can lead to better business decisions. It can also lead to finding ways to reduce costs, enhance performance, tighten security and more, according to Ivanti.

UEM Gives Productivity a Boost

According to EMA, a forward-thinking UEM solution is key when it comes to creating consistent and valuable user experiences. Productivity is increased when users can focus solely on the tasks they have to complete.

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