Network Design and Engineering

We design functional and feature rich networks across LAN and WAN technologies


AM Technology Solutions provides a comprehensive network design solutions for small to medium business verticals for Atlantic Canadian businesses. Whether you need a new network installation, need upgrades or even need to relocate. We can effectively assist you in designing and installing communications networks within your budget and on time. Our network engineers are capable of designing stable computer network solutions by using reliable and high quality networking equipment to guarantee your network performance. From initial strategic planning to applications development and systems design, we have the expertise to help our clients expand their existing computer network portfolio to adopt new technologies and enhancements. IT Network Support and installation solutions tailored to fit your organization’s needs. Give us a call for a free technical onsite analysis, as simple as can be!

Determine your network’s purpose

While this may seem obvious, many small business owners don’t actually take time in the beginning to determine the purpose of their network. Is the network intended to link up computers locally or provide remote access as well? Will there be applications and data shared from a central repository or distributed amongst various desktop and laptop PCs in a peer-to-peer fashion? Understanding the purpose of your network will put you in a better position for procuring the right components and setting up the proper connections necessary to meet your networking needs.

Key Areas

Some of the key areas we develop and design in:

  • Network Design consultancy
  • LAN/WAN setup
  • Computer Network design
  • Network Disaster recovery plans
  • Network Backup solutions
  • Wireless network set up
  • Server set up
  • Data cabling including Wireless set up, phone, internet set up
  • Troubleshoot Network issues
  • Network Performance Analysis
  • Establish a budget

    Failing to establish a budget for your network can lead to a multitude of problems in the future. Not knowing just how much you are able to spend on networking hardware such as routers, switches, wi-fi hot spots, cabling and firewalls could lead to purchasing the wrong hardware or hardware that may not be best suited to work with pre-existing infrastructure. Without knowing how much a small business has to spend on networking from day one could lead to money shortages before all of the right hardware is purchased and installed. Buying the greatest backup system on the market, for example, isn’t going to be very useful if there isn’t enough money to install, operate and maintain it.

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